Houston 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer

There are many insurance implications to consider when you get into an accident with a large commercial vehicle.

We have been consulting with an expert on 18 wheeler accidents to get a good explanation of all the factors that need to be considered…

Call the Houston Truck Accident Lawyer 832-463-1003. If you have been severely injured in a Houston semi-truck or other commercial trucking accident, call us now 832-463-1003. Insurance companies can be difficult to deal with. Be careful before signing any settlement agreements. So much is at stake in a Houston trucking accident, and you need an experienced attorney.

Trucking related accidents are usually attributed to a variety of factors, including driver error, stress and fatigue, intoxication or substandard brakes and tires. All those causes point out carelessness on the part of the 18-wheeler driver or trucking company. Those individuals and their loved ones are left to face a life-changing catastrophe, while the trucker typically escapes with mild injuries.

Call the Houston Truck Accident Lawyer…

If you or someone you know were hit and injured by a commercial vehicle such as an 18 wheeler, bus, cab, city owned vehicle, police vehicle, bobtail truck, construction vehicle, cement mixer, or any other commercial type of vehicle , call our law office for a free initial consultation regarding your personal injury, serious injury, catastrophic injury, or wrongful death case.

If you have been injured in an accident as a result of the negligence of others, call an 18 wheeler accident lawyer in Houston for a FREE consultation at (832) 463-1003.

These are complex cases that require the attention of a qualified personal injury attorney. Our firm represnets clients who have been injured in any type of semi-truck accident. We also handle cases involving delivery vans, dump trucks, construction vehicles and other types of commercial vehicles.

Trucking accidents can cause devastating injuries or even death, and if you have been injured or lost a loved one, it is critical that you choose a Houston 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer who will fight for your rights. Experience is key, and we have the the background and the commitment to help you, the innocent victim.

We work to get the injured party compensation for all damages as a result of the trucking accident.

Truck accident lawyers are attorneys who help you recover when you have been involved in a collision with an 18 wheeler or other commercial motor vehicle.

If you or someone you love has been the victim of a truck accident, then you know first hand how devastating truck accidents can be.

The magnitude of injury they can cause is much greater than the typical automobile accident. Likewise, cases involving 18-wheelers and other commercial motor vehicles are drastically different than the typical run-of-the-mill automobile collision cases.

The term “Commercial Motor Vehicle” includes eighteen-wheelers, dump trucks, box trucks, freight liners, bucket trucks and a vast array of other large vehicles. There are volumes of Federal and State laws that apply to specific types of commercial motor vehicles as well as to the trucking industry. It is absolutely critical that you hire a trusted tuck accident attorney who is familiar with the law and has experience in handling trucking and commercial vehicle collision cases specifically so that every potential violation is explored. –http://www.houstontruckaccidentlawyer.org

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Filing a complaint against your employer can be a strange process. You should ask for the help of an employment attorney before you do anything drastic because there are serious repercussions.

Also, if you are discriminated against, then you have to take certain steps in certain order or else you can lose any legal case you may have against your employer. Whatever you do, it’s important that you get the right legal help first. That’s why at LetMyDataGo.org, we encourage whistleblowers to ALWAYS consult with a licensed attorney in your jurisdiction before taking any kind of action against your employer.

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California DUI law, like that of most other states, contains an “implied consent” rule. This law states that if you drive a car in California, and are lawfully arrested for a California DUI, you are deemed to have given consent to the chemical testing of your:


breath, or

urine (only in cases where you are suspected of driving under the influence of drugs).

Simply put, this means that you must submit to a chemical breath or blood test to determine the alcohol and/or drug content in your body after you have been lawfully arrested for a California DUI.

“After” is the operative word. The hand-held Preliminary Alcohol Screening (PAS) test that may be offered at the side of the road before you get arrested is not mandatory under this law. The PAS test is considered a field sobriety test (FST)…and FSTs are just tools to help the officer decide whether to arrest you for DUI.

This means that submitting to the PAS and then refusing to submit to a subsequent chemical test after your arrest will be considered a refusal.

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A DMV hearing (called an Administrative Per Se or APS hearing) is conducted to determine whether the motorist willfully refused the blood or breath test. If you lose the hearing, the penalties and punishment for a chemical test refusal in California will include:

*A one-year driver’s license suspension for your first DUI offense,

*A two-year license revocation for your second DUI offense within ten years, or

*A three-year license revocation for your third DUI offense within ten years.

Find a DWI Lawyer | The opinions and statements expressed by the foregoing do not necessarily reflect those of the owners of this media site. Always consult an attorney in your jurisdiction before making any legal decisions.