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Amanda and Matt join us for our 3rd Annual Cutting-Edge Financial Tactics Brunch 2013 to discuss tax changes real estate investors might not be aware of including new investment taxes and the Obama health care tax. These two experts specialize in working with real estate investors to maximize tax savings with strategies like income shifting and making sure your write offs are in order. Must watch for any real estate investor before tax season! Don’t wait until March to work on strategies for savings.

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At the Ollin Group we help Real Estate Agents/ Realtors and small business owners transform and succeed in their business. Both by using our specific coaching on how to use the Law of Attraction to increase Sales, remove all limiting blocks keeping you from success as well as specializing how to marketing your Real Estate and small business using Social Media and Powerful Marketing Strategies. we help you learn how to generate leads in real estate and in business.

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