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Minneapolis DWI Attorney: The law enforcement officer may also administer one or more field sobriety tests. If you register at.08% (while the laws vary from state to state, many state laws say that a driver is under the influence if the blood alcohol level is.08 or greater) or above on the blood alcohol concentration test, you will be arrested and charged with DWI. Law enforcement will take your drivers license at that time.

Depending on the type of charge, you can get anything from a jail time, license suspension, ignition interlock devices, impound of vehicle, steep fines and much more. DWI (driving while intoxicated) charges in Minnesota range from misdemeanors to felony-level offenses. You will definitely face problems with your vehicle insurance. Your company will either increase your rates or drop you altogether. This is because you are considered a bad risk after a conviction.

So, it is very important that when facing DWI charges in Minneapolis, you immediately contact a skilled Minneapolis DWI attorney to help explain the trial process and begin developing a winning defense strategy for your case. Never, ever go to trial representing yourself. That is the surest and fastest way to an unpleasant result that you will regret. Although the prosecution must prove the charges beyond a reasonable doubt, if the blood alcohol results meet the state minimum, that fact alone is usually sufficient for conviction. It is far better to hire someone who has seen it all and heard it all. With all sorts of knowledge at their fingertips, your Minneapolis DWI Lawyer will be able to use every shred of experience to your advantage.

Hiring a Minneapolis DWI lawyer to defense your drunk driving charges is a wise decision but there are certain things which should be considered before actually hiring the one. Apart from the experience or expertise in the particular area of law dealing with DWI cases, he should be the one who is familiar with the breath testing devices and other contraptions that are used in these cases. Judges can vary widely in their approaches to these kinds of cases. So if you a first time offender it is especially important to hire counsel who is familiar with that particular court. Before you hire a lawyer, always ensure that he has enough time to be dedicated for your case.

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